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Karl Heideck: The Contract Attorney Tells About the Motorists New Law

According to the article on Gazette Day, written by Karl Heideck, he explained the Pennsylvania’s New Car Seat Law. Just recently, divers required by the law to put all children who are less than two years old in a car seat facing backward. Between 2-8 years old, kids must sit in a booster seat till they are weighing 80 pounds (lbs) or reach 4’9” tall in height. Motorists who don’t follow these rules are risking fines of up to USD 75, effective from last year.

Since Aug. 12, 2017, drivers have been vulnerable to being ticketed if they don’t place their kids in the proper car seat. Motorists are going to be obliged to pay court fees and costs. Experts of safety have concluded when children are put in a car seat that’s rear-facing, their risk of becoming injured seriously or dying during a car accident reduces greatly according to Since the bodies of children aren’t capable of enduring the impact that happens during a crash, the safest place for the children is when they are in a car seat protecting their spines, shoulders, necks, and heads, during a collision.

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The American Automobile Association (AAA) representatives have declared that car crashes as the leading cause of child death and injury in the U.S. If the children are traveling in a car seat, it’s stated that the risk of death reduces by 28 percent while the risk of injury decreases by 82 percent. Also, officials with DOT (Department of Transportation) made recommendations, by increasing the ages that children should be placed in booster seats from 8-10 to ten to twelve years old.

Karl Heideck is a skilled attorney specializing in risk management, plus compliance practices that are based in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Also, Karl Heideck bears skills in other areas such as legal research, commercial litigation, product liability, product liability, employment law, corporate law, and legal writing. He has been practicing for more than a decade.

Karl Heideck educational credentials speak skills and experience in various areas. Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College and pursued English plus Literature. Afterwards, he joined the Temple Law and graduated with honors.