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FreedomPop Now Provides A Great 3-In-1 Sim Card For GSM Service

A review of FreedomPop introduces a brilliant sim card that’s a 3-in-1 sim card, which is an excellent idea and is a lot more convenient for new customers that have their sim card shipped out to them. Not everyone has access to a FreedomPop retail provider, which means that they likely have to have their sim card shipped to them. The sim card will be shipped out to the person who signs up for the FreedomPop service with their email address. Read more:

Since there are three different size sim cards used, regular, micro, and nano size, the FreedomPop sim card has all the sizes in one. Pop out the full sized sim card to insert into a phone that takes regular sim cards. Pop out the micro sim card to insert it into a phone that needs the micro sim. The nano sim is the smallest size, which also can be popped out to be inserted into iPhones as well as other phones that take nano sims. Instead of having to guess what type of sim card is needed, all three of them come in one, so there is no guessing necessary.

The fact that the sim cards are all-in-one means that anyone who doesn’t know the size sim card they need for their phone can still use the sim card they purchase, even if they happen to pop out the wrong one. If the nano sim is popped out by mistake but the micro sim is needed, then the edges that go around the nano sim, which is considered the micro sim, can still be put around the nano sim in order to allow it to be used in a phone that requires a micro sim.

When the service is started, it’s wise for the user to keep up with their FreedomPop account to turn on and off certain features that they may or may not need. One feature in particular that one would want to pay attention to is the automatic top up feature, which charges a $15 fee for data once the data is within 100 MB of being depleted. Those that don’t want this automatic feature on can turn it off or a $5 fee but will not have their data automatically topped up whenever they need it. Anyone using the FreedomPop sim card can choose any service that FreedomPop offers, including the unlimited plans. Research a FreedomPop review for more information on their services.