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Sussex Healthcare: The Ultimate Caregiver for Residents of Sussex

Sussex has been in existence for more than twenty-five years which has sharpened the caregivers understanding of patients. The care group has over twenty caregiving facilities where thirteen are for adults with special needs and seven for the elderly, whether with special needs or not. They deal in a vast range of programs and services; from those who have dementia to those with dental problems, Sussex residents are confident that the healthcare facilities can provide. Founder of the Sussex Healthcare is Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. As compassionate as they are, their staff are also as kind and determined to help residents of Sussex in London Britain.

Sussex Healthcare is known for its vast care for people with physical or neurological conditions who make up the vast majority of the patients. Their staff consists of specialists in all programs and services they offer. Specialists include physical therapists, speech therapists, physicians, nurses, and music therapists among other professionals. The staff has an emphasis on bonding with their patients to be able to understand all of them at a personal level as well as providing them with quality care. They provide quality care by using individualized care approaches to each patient, giving leisure activities as well as creating a home-like experience for patients. In all twenty care providing homes Sussex Healthcare has set, they have received numerous commendations from residents for their extraordinary work. See more on

Apart from their providing care services and programs at their facilities, Sussex Healthcare provides audiology practice, dental care, and a daycare for young children. They also have a gym for patients to keep fit and use quizzes to keep patients mental state working. Through their management of quality health and resilient leadership, Sussex Healthcare has received different certifications including the ISO 9000:2000 and certification in Health Quality Services. Currently, the private company predominantly focuses its services and programs in its current location in Sussex. The healthcare facilities also offer painless sedative ends to patients imminently coming to their ends of life.

Taking care of some of these patients is not an easy task; in fact, it is strenuous and requires all day care. Therefore, residents should learn to respect these caregivers for their hard work.

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