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Learn from the entrepreneurial traits of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT entrepreneur with years of experience in the sector. The professional is based in Madison, Wisconsin and he has been doing the best to help revolutionize the healthcare IT industry. He is experienced in Electronic Medical Records which aims at advancing how patients receive care and treatment. Drew is an entrepreneur with many skills which he has earned from the many years he has worked for top companies. He has one of the best technological backgrounds and uses this to help solve the challenges experienced in the healthcare sector.

The unique thing about Drew Madden is that he loves working with others as a team. That makes him an outstanding professional and entrepreneur because he believes working with others makes it possible to achieve your goals. He is one of the main founders of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. It is a consulting firm that has been helping in the healthcare sector. The primary goal of Evergreen Healthcare Partners is to help in solving complicated issues revolving IT adoption and change management. The entrepreneur has achieved great success because he is passionate about his work. He has also spent many years working and collaborating with the best in the industry. They have been working on various projects with the aim of troubleshooting, implementing and dealing with complicated challenges.

Drew Madden attended the University of Iowa College of Engineering where he obtained his Industrial Engineering degree in 2002. After completion of his education, he started working at Cerner Corporation and while here he came up with inpatient clinical solutions which were helpful after implementation. He worked at the company for about four years and went to work at Healthia Consulting where he also worked for four years. The entrepreneur has many years of experience when it comes to the implementation, optimization and management of electronic medical record (EMR). He has acquired the best leadership skills for the many years he has been in the industry. He uses his wide experience in technical EMR and leadership to bring the best ideas in the healthcare IT industry. Drew Madden believes innovative ideas will change the healthcare industry for the better.