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Understanding Wikipedia from a Feminist Perspective

More people are recognizing the importance of gender equality in the modern world. Supporters of the feminist movement argue that women have been given a raw deal in all aspects of life. They are calling for the empowerment of womenfolk so that their status can be at par with that of men. Several organizations have taken up this call and are restructuring to accommodate ladies.

One of the groups that have heeded this call is Interference Archive. This is an organization based in Brooklyn and managed by volunteers. Recently, a number of them participated in a Wikipedia edit-a-thon whose theme was art and feminism. Their main agenda was to react to Wikipedia’s gender breach by refining the reportage that women have been given in the arts. 

Despite the fact that the search engine is accessible for editing by anyone, only 10 percent of the Wikipedia editors are women. This is according to a 2011 study conducted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Most visitors to the website are also men. The Interference Archive feels that the website has also failed to properly manuscript issues that are of great concern to women. It is therefore out to correct faux pas made by Wikipedia by editing the website to bring about gender parity. 

Benefits of having a Wikipedia page

The website has been recognized as one of the best online marketing tools. When one makes a search on the internet, the applicable Wikipedia link often shows up amongst the first five results. It gives businesses a reputation because they appear more trustworthy when they have a page on the website. The online visibility of a business is also optimized.

The downside of having an account on the website is that the reputation of a firm can be ruined. This is because it is accessible to everyone and can therefore be edited by anyone. Those with malicious intent can use this as an opening to mudsling others.

Sourcing for Experts: Hiring Wikipedia writers

Those who would like open an account might find it hard to find the right content to put in it. In addition, monitoring the page can be quite hectic. To be relieved of this hassle, one can contact Get Your Wiki. These are professional Wiki editors for hire who can assist in writing content for Wikipedia pages, edit and remove any undesirable content, update a Wiki page regularly and also keep track of the page. These are old hands when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. This Wikipedia editing service also converts content into different languages so that the page can receive wider readership.