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George Soros Continues to Contribute Greatly to the Democratic Party

George Soros is an individual that can be remembered greatly for his efforts to help the democratic party in their race against George W. Bush. In 2004, George Soros donated 27 million dollars to help fight against the republican party. Soros has recently found himself in the spotlight again with his contribution to the democratic party in this presidential race. Soros has donated an estimated 25 million dollars to support the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. With Soros worth nearly 25 billion dollars on WSJ, many estimate that he will give more donations the closer election day comes.

A large part of the significance of Soros investing is the power that he has to be a catalyst for other high-powered individuals to donate to the democratic party as well. This group of individuals who has been following the lead of George Soros has given the democratic party a great lead over Trump’s campaign.

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Soros has had a very full life that has allowed him to become who he is today. Soros survived Nazi-occupied Europe during his childhood. He fled to England with his family in 1947. It was here that he graduated from the London School of Economics. This gave him the knowledge he needed to become the success that he is today. After graduating college, Soros amassed his first fortune by running the international investment firm he founded at

Since 1979, Soros has been a very active philanthropist. He has helped individuals all over the world get the education that they needed. George Soros created the Open Society Foundation that now operates in over 100 different countries all over the world. Annual expenditures also reach over 800 million dollars annually. Soros will be greatly remembered for the amazing contributions that he has made in the world in both a philanthropic and business manner.

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George Soros Supports Super PACs Campaigns

Born in the 1930sm in Budapest George Soros has a history behind him. His experience in investments has made many investors follow him in decision making and following his warnings in case he sees the economy is about to collapse. Soros think that young investors today are lucky because back then it was not easy to obtain information about market conditions but today it is easy to conduct research in the market and know where to put your money in or how to avoid taking risks. He holds one trick in successful trading that doesn’t go in your direction alone, follow the herd.
Soros has been a very influential figure in liberal politics since the year 2004 when he donated $18.5 million to outside groups supporting democrats against George W. Bush, who won the presidency, unfortunately. Failure to his success led of him withdrawing a little bit from funding political groups. But Soros is back with a bang he contributed $1 million in 2012 to super PAC that was supporting President Obamas reelection and contributed $6 million which is now a pro-Hillary Clinton group in the year 2015. The total amount as disclosed on Sunday by federal election on Sunday adds up to $8 million for all the cycles combined. The Clinton campaign is doing well from George Soros contribution since he is a wealthy political influence and has made other wealthy groups come in to support the Hillary campaigns through many contributions that they have given out.

From the data is closed on Sunday Clintons campaigns have made the highest raised contributions totaling to 111 dollars. All because of Soros support since his contribution has been marked the highest so far. Lobbyists have also supported Clinton’s campaigns with raising many contributions something they have never done for any politician. Clinton should be glad that Soros has his support as there has been a lot of positive progress since he made his move. The ability of Soros to detect crises in the market early enough; like the current market situation that he warned of it having some similarity with 2008, many investors follow his moves as they have done in the Clinton campaign.

Soros regrets for having not supported Clinton back in the year 2008 and Clinton has been falling for that comment requesting for a meeting with George Soros something that many leaders have not been in a position to do. Soros being independently wealthy makes him a liberal person and one with and independent mind both in speaking and writing. This has been fulfilling to him and his open society foundations in respect of all the principles of democracy. In all his political interests there has never been a point that he never supported Democrats from his principles of democracy. Many of his followers have their game up to support pro- Hillary campaign groups during this year campaigns.