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IAP Worldwide Services: Supporting Our Troops At Home And Abroad

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. supplies an array of support services, including professional and technical services, logistics and facility management, to corporations with overseas operations, the United States and foreign governments. From humanitarian aid to national security missions, IAP Worldwide Services can support their customers needs with procurement, construction, transportation and staff augmentation services in 20 countries around the world.

Cape Canaveral-based IAP Worldwide Services maintains offices in the United States, the United Kingdom; and the Middle East. The company started out as Pan Am World Services, Inc. in Cape Canaveral, building the facility for the nation’s first space launch. When Johnson Controls purchased Pan Am Services, the company began focusing on managing military bases. Johnson Controls then sold a business unit to IAP, which got its start supplying the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia. Today, IAP Worldwide Services is a respected government contractor known for their ability to get emergency power and supplies to locations under demanding conditions.

IAP Worldwide Services proudly supports U.S. troops far from home in Iraq at Camp Taji and the Al Udeid Air Base and close to home at Fort Meade and the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. IAP Worldwide Services currently is the managing partner of the Department of Defense’s Global Threat Response Group and they are aiding the U.S. Air Force’s Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Operations. CEO Doug Kitani says “IAP is ready to support this important mission throughout the U.S. and around the world.” IAP is also working in Honduras, providing maintenance and operations services at the Joint Task Force Bravo Base’s power plant.

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Acquiring companies is one of the ways that IAP Worldwide Services is able to maintain it’s commitment to offer innovate, cost-effective solutions to their government clients. Recently, IAP secured DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics business and their Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. IAP is integrating these the business units distinctive capabilities and technologies into a new division at IAP called Aviation & Engineering Solutions.

“Success through Service” is IAP’s mission, which drives the company’s growth. Being considered a trustworthy, ethical service provider that always gets the job done, even in challenging locations and emergency situations, is how IAP Services defines success.