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Wengie’s Edible School Supplies should be Sold in Stores

Wengie is a famous Australian YouTube star that is very smart and creative. She is also very pretty, which helps people to appreciate her brains and creative spirit. Wengie entertains her audiences by giving them advice on specific issues and by providing them with useful DIY information.


Over the years Wengie has provided her fans with useful hacks, practical guidance about relationships and now she is helping young kids and teens to learn about edible school supplies. That’s right, Wengie teaches people how to make edible school supplies that look like the real thing.


However, her creations taste like candied treats. By the way, all of the specific instructions for making these edible treats is available on Wengie’s YouTube Video titled DIY Edible School Supplies – 8 Pranks for Back to School.


Edible Crayons


Children like to eat crayons when they are younger. This is why many manufacturers do not include toxic materials in their crayon sets. Anyway, Wengie’s edible crayons are made out of clear plastic straws, duct tape, Jell-O and flavored jellies. Once a person follows Wengie’s advice for making this school product they can enjoy a great candy treat after school.


Brazil Nuts Pencil Shavings


Wengie is so creative that she even knows how make Brazil Nuts to look like pencil shavings. This is a great treat for young kids who can tolerate nuts.


Musk Sticks for Eraser Pens


Wengie’s genius goes deep. This lovely young Asian bombshell knows how transform colorful pen erasers into comestible products for people to eat. By the way Wengie might live in Australia but she is originally from China. So, her heritage is Asian. Also, in case you didn’t know; musk sticks are Australian confections that resemble gum stick but have the perfume smell of musk. They are sometimes sold in various fruit flavors which make them useful for flavored pen erasers.


Wengie also teaches people how make tasty gum erasers, edible markers and even candied glue that they can consume. Her edible school supply creations are tasty and fantastic treats that should be sold in stores. There would definitely be a market for these goods; especially since they were produced by Wengie.