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Jon Urbana Can Run a Faster Mile Than You, And Here’s Why

Jon Urbana is an individual who has many different talents. He is most well known for his talents in the world of lacrosse, but this is not where his talents stop. Jon Urbana has created a life full of creativity for those who known him personally and professionally.

Urbana has been very successful in the world of business. He has been able to create a summer camp for rookie lacrosse players that has been very successful. Jon Urbana’s summer camp, called Next Level Lacrosse Camp, has helped to teach the fundamental skills that many of these rookie lacrosse players need to know. Most of these were learned while he attended Villanova University.

Urbana is very talented in the field of music as well. He has created a fusion of electronic and acoustic music that has allowed him to create very beautiful songs. His music can be found on many different social media sites, including his Facebook lacrosse page. The future looks very bright for the musical skills of Urbana.

Videography is something that Urbana has become very proficient with as well. His landscape and animal videography has only become more beautiful as Urbana continues to move forward with these skills. It is apparent that Urbana is serious about his videography skills when you see the quality of the videos on his site. It is obvious that Urbana has spent a great deal of money on his professional equipment and the buildout of

Charitable donations are also another thing that Urbana is passionate about. Raising awareness works hand in hand with the charity volunteer work that Jon Urbana does. He has been able to help change the lives of many with these different fundraisers that he has been a part of.

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Stephen Murray: Why Choose CCMP Capital For Investment Advice

Are you looking on Linked In for a reputable private equity firm or financial advisor? Wondering why lots of people and companies select CCMP Capital for all of their investment needs? Looking for a credible private equity company can be extremely confusing and challenging if you have no idea where to look. Some personal equity companies handle a large variety of funds like investment trusts and restricted collaborations.

A spectrum of investing choices on NY Post spans across the numerous private equity firms in existence. You will notice that some are strict financiers who are entirely dependent on management to grow the company and provide their owners with appropriate returns. Other private equity firms think of themselves as active investors, meaning that they provide the necessary support to management to help grow a better company.

CCMP Capital, a top rated equity investment services provider, has been in business for a long time and has an established history of rendering beneficial financial solutions. The company has well-qualified financial advisors and investment experts in their organization. A known leader in the development and establishment of private equity investment strategies, CCMP Capital focuses on investment opportunities that consistently generate significant returns for investors.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has a group on crunchbase of well trained investment advisors and experienced financial services experts who can explain how things work in the industry and walk you through the process, from start to completion. These professionals are well versed in private equity investment and asset management and are highly committed to ensuring your success. To get started receiving advice or guidance from these reliable experts, you need to have a look at their website and then get in touch with them. They will schedule a consultation to review your requirements and how they can help you succeed.

Many businesspeople and companies around the world have actually benefited profoundly from the outstanding services provided by CCMP Capital’s investment advisors. If you really want to find out more about private equity investing and how you can benefit from this tested method to achieve your investment goal, CCMP Capital is the company to get in touch with. Once you choose a competent company like CCMP Capital, you are sure to gain substantial returns on your investment.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a proficient investor, and a philanthropist. Stephen dedicated a major part of his career to helping businesses and individual investors achieve outstanding results and reach their goal of investment success. Stephen believed in honesty and integrity, and he made sure that all of his dealings were transparent. His clients felt confident in his ability to advice and guide them properly in all aspects of the private equity investment process. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

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Beneful Makes Great Premium Pet Foods

As a pet owner on facebook, you need to be conscious about the choices that you are making for the sake of your animals. You pets cannot tell you that they need more nutrients in their diets or that they need to have more exercise. You need to infer those things based upon how they are acting. You should never buy cheap food for your dogs. See what kind of food that your dogs like to eat based on their reaction to the flavor that you are presenting them, and always buy premium foods for your dogs because they have a better selection of ingredients. An article from the Daily Herald talks a lot about what premium foods for dogs are made of.

The article actually shows a manufacturing chief at a large premium dog food company taste testing one of their products. He likes it, which was surprising to me at first. Then, I looked at what the foods are made of, and it seems like these dog foods are good enough for most people. They are loaded with high quality ingredients that the manufacturers pay more money to use in their products. Beneful is a great example of a premium pet food that is deserving of your attention. They are made by Purina, and they have several different varieties to choose from on the shelves at your local pet store. Beneful has a wet food called Chopped Blends. This is probably their signature product, and it contains real pieces of meets and vegetables.

My dog loves Beneful for its taste. He won’t even try another wet food after he tasted the Chopped Blends. I like Beneful because of the high quality ingredients that they choose to put in their products. I can’t get enough of this brand, and when I go to the dog park I’m always telling other dog owners about it. I want everyone to feed their dogs something healthy and nutritious. I choose Beneful because I want my dog to have the energy to run and play. Take a look at the article from the Daily Herald.



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Stephen Murray and CCMP’s Legacy

Layoffs and firings are typically something to worry about at the close of the year for those who work in finance. This is done with the intent of stabilizing a work force that will mirror the expected returns and client roster for the coming year. Rarely do cuts to staff factor in at the beginning of the year, and when they do they attract attention.

Earlier this week CCMP Capital has let go of five people from their Manhattan office. Among those separated from the firm is Julie Casella-Esposito, from a division of their human resources after nearly a decade. Following her are Andrew Coren and Jordan Ast, CCMP vice presidents.

Though these losses would seem to indicate some degree of trouble for CCMP Capital as a whole, reports seem to suggest that hiring for operations will resume within the year as a matter of strategic restructuring.

These changes are just another in a long line the firm has made since they resumed investments with their $3.6 billion-dollar fund following the death of Steve Murray, CCMP’s former president and CEO, in late March of 2015. The death of Murray placed an investment clause in effect that halted all trading, common in the finance world in order to protect the interests of clients while the firm fills the position that has been left recently vacant, which may be at the center of the firm’s activity in the approximate six months since.

Steve Murray acted as both president and CEO of CCMP Capital until the age of 52. In April of 2015, he left the firm for what he cited as health related complications. Steve Murray had been with CCMP since 1989 and was present for all permutations of the firm, from it’s partnerships with Chase Manhattan, and then JP Morgan and continued on until they acquired Chase as a property. As a private equity firm, CCMP handled some of the world’s largest accounts. It wasn’t until 2006 that the firm achieved full separation from JP Morgan to become its own entity. The following year was when Stephen Murray took over as CEO.

Murray had a full itinerary outside of his life at CCMP. He held board seats at Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group and Infogroup Inc.

Murray was a graduate of Boston College in 1984, then went on to pursue his masters degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in New York. In his adopted city, he spent a great deal of time supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. His philanthropic efforts stretched beyond the city to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfeild County, the Stamford Museum, and to his alma maters Boston College and Columbia Business School.

Greg Brenneman, former chairman of CCMP, who eventually succeeded Murray in his positions as president and CEO of the firm, delivered the statement of his passing to the press.

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Doe Deere Likes to Break the (Fashion) Rules And Thinks You Should Too

When it comes to fashion, many fashion experts have a list of dos and don’t see that they tilde to espouse constantly to their followers. Doe Deere is different. She believes in breaking rules, rather than following them, and believes you should too. Her bold, colorful wardrobe speaks volumes, but in case you missed it, the sparkly fashonista has shared some of her favorite observations with her followers.

Doe Deere is never afraid of being bold. Many fashion experts will tell you not to mix bold lip colors and bold eye colors, but Deere believes that bolder is better. This extends to colorful clothing too. When it comes to bright, bold colors Deere isn’t afraid to mix and match it up, and thinks you shouldn’t be either. She loves contrasting colors, like pink and green or peach and periwinkle. She isn’t afraid to stand out. The same thing goes for pattern. The bolder and more contrasting the patterns in her outfits, the better.

For Deere, fashion is all about standing out and having fun with her clothing. If she likes it then she’ll wear it. Socks with strappy sandals and dress shoes, bright colored hair and bright colored clothing are all part of the fun bold look that she loves. Deere doesn’t believe in dressing age appropriately either. She believes that if you like the way clothing looks and feels on you that you should wear it, no matter how old you are. One of Deere’s fashion icons is Betsey Johnson, who still wears bright bold colors, and even tutu’s despite being in her 70’s.

And of course if you want to dress conservatively, that’s okay too. She never worries about dressing for the occasion either. Whether you want to wear a wedding dress to the office or jeans and a t-shirt to a wedding, Deere is all for it. Doe Deere truly believes that fashion should be about wearing what suits you and what you like, not what someone else tells you to wear.

Doe Deere began her career on Instagram, where she would show off her bold looks. Soon she started a makeup line that highlighted the bold colors she loved to wear, called Lime Crime. The bold colors really connected with her fans, and her makeup line continued to grow. Her line of cosmetics is also animal cruelty free, another cause that Deere feels passionate about.

The Russian born, New York City raised Deere, started Lime Crime in 2004 as a do it yourself fashion line on eBay. She modeled everything herself. Doe Deere started the line after starting to experiment with fashion and color in her 20’s. It was a way to show off and share her creations with a larger audience.Today, she has a team of experts that help her plan every decision that goes into her multimillion dollar business.

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Analysis Of New York Real Estate By Town Residential

Luxury real estate makes up a large part of business in New York City, but few do it better than Town Residential. The company is able to provide their clients with a large amount of information as well as the ability to find homes in NYC apartments for rent. They work to allow their clients the best of everything when it comes to residences in New York City and guarantee that they can give their clients all of the best when it comes to luxury. The company knows people in New York are looking for homes and they aim to give them that. Another service that Town Residential provides to their clients is The Aggregate.

The Aggregate is a quarterly report that is published by Virtual Strategy Market that talks about the different ways that people can expect to see the market change and have seen it change in the past. The company works to let everyone know that they are able to increase the value of their homes by selling them and gives them insight into the way that the market will change in the future. It allows owners and potential owners to have the inside scoop on the way that information is going to become available to them in the way of real estate.

There are many different things that were different about this quarter. For example, the price of homes in New York City is greatly rising. Homes are more expensive than they ever have been and are expected to continue to rise. This is great for people who want to sell their homes at this time, but not for people who are looking for a home in New York City because it could be nearly impossible for them to find one.

Another trend that was different about this quarter was the way that people are moving around the city. In the past, people were moving from outside of the city into it. They were moving into new developments and were making up the bulk of new residents. The new trend shows that more people are moving from within the city. There are not as many people coming into the city. This has also changed the ways that the new developments have been created. There are fewer new development moves and more moves where people are going to homes or apartments that were already in the areas of the city.

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Bruce Levenson’s Gift To The University Of Maryland Has Turned The College Into A Leading Center For Philanthropic Studies

Bruce Levenson is a well-known on ESPN as a NBA owner and businessman. The list of charitable causes that Bruce and his wife Karen support is a long one. Bruce and Karen believe in helping causes that resonate with their beliefs. Bruce Levenson takes pride in the fact that he is President of the” I Have A Dream Foundation.” He also has made an impact on the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. He is one of the co-founders of the Museum. Karen Levenson is also involved in the I Have A Dream Foundation, and she has played an important role in the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute. Karen and Bruce are very proud and honored to be a part of The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. The Levenson donation has turned the University of Maryland into one of the foremost centers in the country for Philanthropic Studies. According to Bruce, the center has two missions. The first mission is to give students the experience and the skills they need to be the next generation of leaders in the non-profit world. The second mission is to inform and motivate students that attend the University that the world needs more philanthropists. Karen calls the mission leveraged philanthropy. An article published by mentioned the fact that the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is an important new approach that will assist local and international communities. With the right leadership, those communities can continue to impact lives of people around the world.

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A Real Estate Change In New York

For many years, New York has been a great spot for real estate and somewhere that people have flocked to when they want to live in a big city. In the past, it was hard for potential residents to find a home in the city because prices were high and there were not very many options available to the people who did not already have a piece of real estate in the city. It was hard for people to find the options that they needed to have when they were in New York City. This has all changed with major changes in the way that the city works.

Town Residential knows that there are big changes happening and coming to New York City apartments for sale. As one of the premium real estate companies in the city, they have seen a great deal of price drops and housing options become available. The company has been dedicated to finding the best options and the best prices for all of their clients. Because of this, they have truly been able to help their clients out in the changing market in New York City with rock-bottom lows and many different housing options.

As a real estate company, Town Residential works to help their clients get the best of everything when it comes to the purchase or lease of their home. There are many options that you can choose from when shopping for real estate and Town Residential guarantees that they are able to find those options for you. They help you make the right decision when it comes to your home and can help you have a better chance at getting the home that you want for the price that you need. They are working to make potential resident’s dreams come true.

There have been many changes, as reported by The New York Times. These changes include major price differences in the way that New York real estate is handled. There have also been more apartments and homes available for people than there were in the past. Because of this, even more people are flocking toward the city and scooping up the great real estate options that are available for all of the people of the city. Since this is happening, it is important that people who want to purchase real estate in New York City find a realtor who will be able to find them a property.

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Purina Paving The Way In Premium Dog Food

Fresh and healthy are two words anyone would like to hear when it comes to their own food, but what about their dog food? In a world that has many becoming more concerned with health and fitness and the things they are actually eating, people are beginning to question what exactly is in their dog’s food. Owners and manufacturers are now exploring wikipedia and the world of gourmet dog food. Even claiming that they make dog food so fresh and tasty, that even humans would want to eat it. Purina, a well known brand has been in the market of healthy dog food and is constantly expanding to the need of their consumers wants and inquiries. This was shown when they bought the first certified organic producer of wet and dry dog food, Merrick Pet Care.
Purina has added customization to the line of benefits – a no one size fits all dogs. Offering a  Youtube website that allows the owner to customize blends of food, something that isn’t seen by others. The website even says, “the best nutrition is personalized,”. As people continually learn how to care more for their four-legged best friends, markets are ever expanding. One of those markets being for senior dogs. Purina offers Beneful– a food made with medium-chain triglycerides, a fat obtained from coconut oil. This is in their food called, ‘Beneful Bright Minds‘. The fat is said to be easier for senior dogs’ bodies to process. Thus making your buddy’s golden years, as good as their puppy days. Information obtained from

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More Than Dry: Wet Food And Treats

Not all dogs are able to eat dry food and Beneful is one of the first companies to recognize that. They know that dogs may have a hard time chewing dry food and they have created special wet blends that allow dogs to get flavor while also being able to chew the food properly.
Chopped Blends is a food that was created for dogs who like the variety in their food. It comes in chicken, turkey, beef and fish flavors and is great for dogs of all sizes and all ages above one year old. It comes with many different flavors added to it, including gravy. It is easy for dogs to eat and easy for them to digest. As a soft food, it is easier for owners to handle than typical wet food and can make dogs have an easier transition from wet to dry or dry to wet.
Medley’s are the food that is provided by Purina Beneful that have the true flavors of an expensive restaurant. You can treat your dog to the better life with Medley’s that come in Romana, Tuscany and Mediterranean flavors. These are all Italian inspired and are able to provide your dog not only with a large amount of nutrition, but also with the flavors that they will be craving. You can even mix and match the different flavors to ensure that your dog never gets bored with the food that you are feeding him or her. These foods are not as gentle on the stomach as the chopped blends.
Finding dog treats for dogs who cannot eat dry food can be difficult, but Beneful makes it easier for you with their baked treats from Purina Store. These baked treats are designed not only for dogs to chew on like other dog treats, but are also packed with a meaty goo in the center. They are great for dogs who want to lick out their treat. Dogs can also benefit from the dental treats offered by Beneful. Even older dogs need their teeth cleaned and the dental treats are tough on plaque and gentle on teeth.